RTS Ai We have compiled some common RTS Ai that may be useful for your trading. However, it does not take into
consideration your personal circumstances and trading objectives.

AI + Big Data

Resonance Trading System

The group researched and developed the resonance trading system through years of research and development in combination with AI + Big Data analysis. Ideal performance is achieved through 2.5 years’ real time trading.

AI Trading

AI Trading mode integrates manual risk management and intelligent order placement. Deep machine learning is used in the core technology. Through continuous improvement in analysis, recognition, capture , research and self-learning of big data in the global forex market trading, quantification and cloud computing of global forex trends and intelligent trading of multiple currencies and full periods, price trends of different currencies are predicted, while purchase signals are generated.

Characteristics of Resonance Trading System

Independent analysis

Customized trading strategy (Based on short-swing trading)

Based on big data analysis

Full-auto trading


Risk Management Strategies of Resonance Trading System

1. Capital decentralization multi-tupe portfolio trading, one transaction each time

2. Intra-day short-swing order, non-overnight

3. Oriented and non-greedy profiting

4. Strict loss stop, single – transaction loss within 2%

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